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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Caught A Troll

Sometimes the truth is funnier than fiction. Who needs urban legends when you have experienced this first hand? Rebecca, a sales girl who I work with in radio came into my office and told me the funniest thing I have EVER heard. She was out to lunch with her girlfriend recently at one of my favorite restaurants in town. While they were talking, her friend's phone started to go off repeatedly with calls and text messages from one of her "clients".

(Rebecca's friend works with adults who are mentally ill or are mentally unstable... hence, her "clients")

When Rebecca questioned her... she said, "Oh, it's one of my clients... he keeps texting me saying he 'caught a Troll'". They laughed and continued to visit. More Texts came in saying the same thing, "I caught a Troll... you have to see it! I caught a Troll!"... soon her phone was ringing off the hook.
"Quick.. come over... I CAUGHT A TROLL!"

So, her friend decided to leave and check in on her client because he was REALLY getting out of hand with this whole, "I caught a Troll" lunacy. So her friend left and headed over to this guy's house. She had to make sure he is ok because her client was really worked up and excited over catching this 'fictitious Troll'. When she showed up, she was met at the door by her wide eyed client who repeatedly told her the same thing he had been saying all along, "I caught a Troll, I caught a Troll".
She asked, "Ok... well... where is this Troll?"
"It's in the closet!"
He pointed to the coat closet.. and she walked over to it and unlocked it... that's when she saw him. He wasn't lying... he had caught something alright.
wait for it
It was a midget 2010 Census Taker. He had showed up at this mentally unstable guy's house to take a census and the guy thought he was a Troll, grabbed the midget and locked him in his closet... proud to have caught a Troll for the day.
True Story

The poor guy was in there for 2 hours. He called 911, but didn't know where he was or what address to give the police.


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